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Rules and Regulations

The owners accept no responsibility for any death, injuries or illness sustained or suffered by any person or loss to any property, occurring within or arising from a visit to this property whatever the cause may be even if it seems to be as a result of the negligence of the owners or any of their workers or equipment, services or out of any manner or cause whatsoever.


1.Please do not litter.
2.Fires are only allowed at the two camps and strict precautions must be taken to prevent runaway fires.
3.Hikers must adhere strictly to the trail. No shortcuts are allowed.
4.No game, animals or birds are to be disturbed.
5.No vegetation, dry plant material, wood or stones may be removed or disturbed.
6.No pets are allowed.


7.No servants will be allowed.
8.Defacing the rock faces or carving your initials in trees etc. are strictly forbidden.
9.Appreciate nature as an inheritance and leave it unspoilt for future generations.
10.We expect all visitors to respect hikers by their dresscode and behaviour.
11.Right of admission reserved.