• Sunset
  • Wall Climb
  • Nature
  • Rock Top
  • Mountain Top


This is a true outdoor experience for the whole family. It also offers challenges to be remembered.
There will be more than enough time to appreciate the natural beauty and experience the
tranquility that only the outdoors can bring.

Hiking - Day One

14 km's
Takes you into the majestic Langberg with its Kloof/ravine areas where indigenous trees, shrubs and flowers thrive.
This trail takes you past interesting sandstone formations. Interesting sight to be viewed on the trail would be the bushman paintings, paints sight (see where paint for traditional huts come from), the waenhuis (coach house), fossil sight and a visit to the cave.

Hiking - Day Two

8 km's
Is a relaxing walk through grasslands and along the Spruit Sonder Drift, which runs for approximately 4 km through the farm.

Fishing - Trout - Yellow - Bass

Catch and release fishing costs an additional R100 per day and must be practiced according to the catch and release procedure, namely that the fish is not allowed to be handled or taken out of the water, with the hook being removed using a hook disgorger while the fish remains in the water.

If preffered to catch and keep, the cost is R65 p/kg. Please inform the owners of Langberg Breakaway when you keep the fish.

We trust that the nature and the fish is just as important to you as it is to us.